"Well then, legitimate Edgar, I must have your land." Shakespeare wrote that. Riz Ahmed performed it solo and captured it unencumbered. No prior plot, no character, no spectacle, no song, just diction and (high voltage) thought. The elements of tragedy carried light. Thought of a demo of this sort for my 3 police plays and suggested it to a friend. She couldn't fathom it so I showed her Riz's audition on my iphone in the park. She said, "Get him!" There's something about the way thoughts and words move with their inflections across the human face in his reading.

Three scenes are bundled on this site, one from each play. Pandora and Prometheus, unbiased observers, share a dialogue in the first and attest to Humpty's chagrin at his earlier arrest. The Titans confront the abyss constructed by Humpty and his confederates and the police who are allowed to temporarily hold a naked proton above it. The winds driving through creation soon separate law from its enforcement at the molecular level. The second scene from the second play is a soliloquy by The Master of Demon Valley, Cassandra's therapist. He knows Humpty, Cassandra's inseparable partner and guide(!), better than anyone, even Humpty. The third and final scene from the last play brings eight threads, each by different characters in the set, together in one bespoke tapestry. The soliloquy is delivered by Apollo, descended from Mt. Olympos, who has no confusion to share about Humpty and his constructs. Why three scenes held out over the abyss with prayers? First, the police have to go somewhere and the abyss is not a bad idea. Secondly, I have no memory of what The Master of Demon Valley said unless I reread it. And thirdly, a friend read Apollo's page printed on the back cover in no more than eight seconds prompting me to ask, "Do you remember anything?" He said, "If I saw it, I would recognize it." Hence, I must get Riz Ahmed to slow things down. This stuff must be performed aloud. "Humpty's supermax is a defiant supermax." I said that.

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